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    I’ve been living and fishing in Coffs Harbour a few years now and am astounded by the lack of fish . It’s such a beautiful place here on the mid north coast yet every time I go for a fish it’s really slim pickings. I fish bait ,plastice and lures . I mainly fish the creeks and rivers from nambucca to redrock by boat but also some rock hopping and beach. Is the place just “fished out”? Or maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Any tips on the coffs area would be great.

    Regards Brainfish



    I agree. Went out yesterday on Charter boat half day tour and the result was dismal. Waiting for the warmer waters I suppose.



    Hey, if it was tooo easy there would be no fish!!!
    always use fresh bait, better to catch your own, can’t beat mullet
    burley usually gets them interested and biteing, cheers



    what type of fishing do you do mainly river of ocean?



    Hey Bream
    I usually fish rivers and creeks around the coffs area .


    kiwi waynie

    I hear there are some big jacks in the marina. Hope to move up that way soon then i will know where n how.



    Correct , big jacks at times and Trevor’s, and heaps of bream , but you get busted off on the wharf pylons. I’ve got the Co op wharf pretty sorted and it seems all the fish in coffs live within the marina basin. I fished again in bonville creek today using plastics … Nothing



    Nambucca river has some nice fish in it but I mainly fish the river from a boat with an electric motor so it makes a world of diffrance have walked the creek at moonee beach for some flathead also but



    4hours on the bellinger and kelang river today … Not a touch ! Better than working though !



    Hi all I’ve just moved from Sydney to coffs three months ago and have had plenty of success on the schnapper fishing from a yak. The biggest to date is 76cm and regular catch them in there 50s and 60s on lures.
    I have caught my first jack the other day only small at 33cm but was a fun fight on light line in a near by creek.
    When ever its to windy or the swell is to big I go bass fishing ether in a bass yak or bush bash on foot and explore and have found it exceptional. I have learnt alot just asking the locals.
    Always keen to forward my knolage on. When bass fishing it’s better when the baromiter is up around 1020 when it drops the fish shut down. Most the time I fish by my self but always welcome anyone to come along.

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    You ripper Pavo! Any hints on how you’re targeting reds? what depth, bottom structure, anchor/drift, time of day, berley?, lures, etc. Not after any spots, just advice 🙂 I agree on the bass fishing biting better on the higher barometer esp on them hot still afternoons before a storm or cold front



    I fish all close in reefs from sawtell to corindi and all from kayak I don’t use bait only lures and troll two halco white/ red head9m+ dive depth.
    I fish in between 23m and 14m have found rising tide to be the best. If you find the schools of bait fish the reds will be on them. Have found the edge of reef drop offs the best to troll over. If you see fish on the sounder and make a few passes over them with no hits I change to soft plastics 6inch in white or light green with 1/4 size with 5/0-6/0 hook. Let it flutter down to the bottom if it dosent get grabbed on the way down crank it up 6 to 8 meters and open the spool and let it drop again. Stealth aproach is the key to not spooking the fish in shallow water.
    I have found you won’t catch fish in day time on a full moon phase.
    My catch last time out 58cm-64cm-70cm.

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    Nice work and thanks for sharing, Pavo. Hopefully your local knowledge will help others in the area convert their efforts into quality fish like those shown in your pics.



    good stuff Pavo
    have you gone in the Dave Irvine snapper classic?

    yeh the reefs around coffs sure do rock as to the wider stuff

    my first year in the classic and the first year of the classic I managed to score the second largest fish to score a trophy but every one year not so great still a lot of fun



    Hi the bream I haven’t fished the Dave Irvine yet but am looking forward to the next one.

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