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Australian National Fishing Tournament – January 2018



Below is a list of prizes and species for our January 2018 Australian National Fishing Tournament.

To view prizes for our Australian National, State and Kids fishing competitions, click here.

NOTE: some images may not depict the exact prize.




A LUCKY DRAW PRIZE – all fish submitted go in the draw to win. The more you submit, the better chance you have at winning!

Sponsor: Garmin

Prize: Garmin STRIKER 7dv 7-inch CHIRP fishfinder/GPS ($649 value)


Finding fish is easier than ever with STRIKER 7dv fishfinder. Mark and return to your hot spots, boat ramps and docks. You also can share your favorite waypoints and routes with other STRIKER and echoMAP combos.




Bass/Estuary Perch (includes australian bass and estuary perch)

Sponsor: Life Cell

Prize: $345 Trailer Boat Life Cell safety equipment holder

life cell marine safety fishing tournament prize




Bream (includes all species of bream + tarwhine)

Sponsor: Eagle Claw/Yo-Zuri

Prize: $300 prize pack containing the following items:





Emperor/Nannygai/Coral Trout (includes all species of emperor, nannygai and coral trout)

Sponsor: Mako Eyewear

Prize: $300 prize pack containing 1 x Mako GT Polarised Sunglasses and other assorted items





Flathead (includes all species of flathead)

Sponsor: Lox

Prize: $380 prize pack containing the following items:


1 x Lox Rod plus 1 x 140cm Lox fish mat




Mackerel/Wahoo (includes all species of mackerel plus wahoo)

Sponsor: Bigfish Graphics

Prize: $300 gift voucher at Bigfish online store

bigfish graphics fishing tournament prize




Mahi Mahi

Sponsor: STA-BIL Marine and 303 Protectants and Cleaners

Prize: $356 prize pack containing the following items:

2015-09 Proposed Prize Pack

303 Protectants and Cleaners component: 2 x 303 Aerospace Protectant Marine 946ml, 2 x 303 Cleaner & Spot Remover Marine 946ml, 1 x 303 Speed Detailer Marine 946ml, 1 x 303 Multi Surface Cleaner Marine 946ml, 1 x 303 High-tech Fabric Guard 473ml, 2 x 303 Microfiber towels

STA-BIL Marine component: 2 x STA-BIL Marine 236ml, 1 x STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser 473ml, 1 x STA-BIL Diesel 236ml, 1 x STA-BIL Fogging Oil, 1 x Sta-Bil Hat




Mangrove Jack

Sponsor: Wilson/Zerek

Prize: $300 Prize Pack


ZLSHL40 – 4” Zerek Live Shrimp Hot Legs x 2
ZLS50 – 5” Zerek Live Shrimp x 2 
ZSWFS45 – 4.5” Zerek Flat Shad x 2 
ZLC40 – 4” Zerek Live Cherabin x 2 
781BXP100f – 100mm Zerek Barra X Pro x 3 
781FWTS69S – 69mm Zerek Tango Shad Suspending x 3 
781FWTS89S – 89mm Zerek Tango Shad Suspending x 3 



Murray Cod

Sponsor: Rhino Rack

Prize: $320 prize pack containing the following items:

Rhino rack fishing tournament prize_600x180




Snapper (pagrus auratus)

Sponsor: Daiwa

Prize: $300 prize pack containing the following items:


1 x Freams LTD 3000 reel plus Custom project Medium EVA Handle Knob (Green)




Squid (includes all species of squid)

Sponsor: Yamashita

Prize: $300 squid jig prize pack





Whiting (includes all species of whiting except King George Whiting)

Sponsor: Garmin

Prize: Garmin STRIKER 5dv 5-inch CHIRP fishfinder/GPS ($429 value)

garmin striker 5dv