How much does it cost to create a Get Fishing account?


Its FREE! Create a Get Fishing account here to receive regular news and updates.



How much does it cost to compete in the Fishing Tournaments?


Tournament membership is only $10 per month.

Visit the How It Works page for more details.



Can I join a tournament once it’s already started?


Yes. You can start competing in out monthly tournaments at any time during the month. Just note that it may take a few hours after joining before you can view your code.



If I pay before the Fishing Tournament starts, when does my Tournament membership begin?


Your Tournament membership begins at the start of whichever Tournament month you select as your first Tournament on the Compete Now page. For example, if you join on the 15th July and select July as your first Tournament, your membership will begin instantly If you select August as your first Tournament your membership will begin on the 1st August.



Once I register, when can I compete?


If you choose to join a tournament that is already underway, you can view your code on the Tournament Codes page once your order has been processed (normally within a few hours). Once you have your code you can then compete. If you choose to join now for a tournament that hasn’t started yet, you will be able to view your code after 12:01am AWST at the beginning of the selected month. A new code will be automatically generated each month for the duration of your membership. Make sure you log in at the start of each month to retrieve your new code.



How do I get my code?


Tournament members can log in and access their codes via the Tournament Codes page at any time during the month. Refer to the question above.



How do I use the codes?


The codes are to be written and placed next to your fish when photographing your catch. Each tournament member’s code is unique and is not to be used by any other angler.


Display your code above or below the fish when photographing your catch on the brag mat. We recommend people laminate a piece of white paper/card and keep it handy in their tackle bag with a whiteboard marker. We also recommend saving your monthly code in your phone for easy access, particularly useful when there is no internet access.



How many species can I compete for?


You may enter fish from as many species categories as you like, as long as the species is listed on the Prizes page.



Where can I see other people’s entries?


You can view photos of the other anglers holding their fish in the Tournament Gallery or you can view the leaders of each species on the Leaderboard.

If you would like to view a particular brag mat photo let us know and we’ll send it to you.



How many times can I enter?


You may enter as many times as you like. You may not enter the same fish more than once. 



How are fish judged?


Fish are judged on fork length measured in cm.



Can I upgrade my entry with a larger fish?





Where am I allowed to fish?


You are allowed to fish anywhere in Australian waters with a few exceptions. Fish caught in fish farms, hatchery waters, aquaculture pens, “Fish & Pay” lakes or private ponds/dams may not be entered. Entries of fish caught in any of these areas will be disqualified.
Fish caught while commercial fishing or aboard commercial fishing vessels are not accepted and will be disqualified.
Fish caught by paying customers aboard fishing charters are accepted.



When am I allowed to fish/compete?


As long as you have paid for Tournament membership for the given month you can fish from 12:01am AWST on the first day of the month to 11:59pm AWST on the last day of the month. Times are in Australian Western Standard time because we are based in Perth 🙂



When do I need to upload my entry by?


Tournaments entries need to be submitted by 11.59pm AWST on the last day of the competition month. Only entries received by this time will be valid.



Some fish have a maximum size limit. If I catch a bigger one can I still enter the tournament if I take a photo and release the fish?


Yes, as long as you are abiding by current fisheries regulation in the state where you are fishing. Please make a conscious effort to get the fish back in the water with minimal harm as quick as possible.