My GetFishing Day

It’s Time to WIN $50 CASH!!

My GetFishing Day is a new one day tournament that let’s you choose your own day of the current month to compete.  It is fun seeing what can be achieved by our competitors in just one day of targeted fishing!  Remember, you only get one crack at this, that’s one day for the whole month, so make it count…  All other aspects of the Major tournament continue as normal.

How Do I Enter My Get Fishing Day?

Make sure you are logged in, then select GoBoostMe on any fish on the leaderboard.  It’s preferable to select your own fish, as you may end up giving the selected fish a Length Score Boost or a Fish4Cash points boost!  For members, My GetFishing Day has the highest chance of being won (1-in-4 chance).  So the only way to be part of My GetFishing Day is to win your entry into it.  So make sure you select GoBoostMe on a fish species that you know you can catch!



How to Compete


  1. Login and Win My GetFishing Day entry using GoBoostMe on the species that you want to target from the current leaderboard.
  2. Once you have won your entry, simply login and go to the User/Member –> My GetFishing Day and select a day to compete (a future day of the current month). 
  3. When the big day arrives (ie your My Get Fishing Day), Get your Day Code and write it down beside your Tournament Code.
  4. Once you have caught one, go to Submit Catch in the normal way, but remember to use a Day Code and to submit it on your My GetFishing Day.




Even if your catch is not the biggest, by monthly tournament standards, please submit it anyway.  It is possible that the current leader could be disqualified, for not following the specific My GetFishing Day rules (must use correct Day Code, must Submit on selected day, fish must be a legal size for your state) 

It is really important that you follow these instructions carefully to submit a valid entry, as invalid entries will be deleted immediately.  Check and write down the Day Code next to your Tournament Code on your My GetFishing Day.  Once you have caught your fish, you must Submit Catch on the same day.  This helps us to confirm that your fish was actually caught on your selected My GetFishing Day.  


My GetFishing Day Rules


  • All the normal Get Fishing rules also apply (eg fish must be alive in both photos, use a brag mat with a stopper, measure fork length, round down, legal fish lengths only)
  • Entries submitted on any day that is not your nominated My GetFishing Day, will be disqualified
  • Entries submitted on any day other than that of the Day Code used, will be disqualified
  • Entries without a Day Code will be disqualified
  • Once you have selected a My GetFishing Day, you cannot change it.
  • Your My Get Fishing Day must be set to a future day.  This prevents competitors from catching first, then selecting My Get Fishing Day that same day.
  • If more than one leading fish share the same length, the earlier dated entry will win.