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Tournament Shirts (free del.)

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Our shirts are designed by Jo Starling Creative to make you look and feel like a tournament angler, to let you look and feel part of the new era in Australian fishing tournaments. Your time spent on the water is about to change for good!


When wearing your Get Fishing tournament shirt you will not only look like a tournament angler you will also look slimmer! The v-shape design has been strategically incorporated to be flattering to all who wear it, accentuating chest and slimming down bellies. The v-shape creates an optical illusion making your shoulders look bigger and belly look slimmer, similar to the way rugby league jerseys are designed with the v-shape.


The base colour is a blend of colours to make you feel apart of your surroundings. The colour is vibrant, but not in a way that’ll make people think you’re heading to a rave. The blue arms and chest are designed to be darker so that you don’t get covered in stains after handling a fish. We haven’t gone crazy with sponsor logos either. Our National sponsor logos have been nicely placed down the sleeves and we’ve left the front and back predominantly logo free, apart from our own of course… and hey, our logo is cool!

So what's with the Polycraft logo?? Find out soon...


You’ll be wearing a shirt made by Bigfish Graphics, the most reputable Australian fishing apparel manufacturer that produces effective, cool, sun protective shirts that are also extremely comfortable to wear. Your shirt will be made from the highest quality, knitted polyester so you can fish all day without overheating. This “sports dry” material is designed for the tropics and is incredibly soft to feel, unbelievably cool, durable, UPF 50+, and lightweight. The material is much cooler than cotton, will not fade or shrink like cotton, does not require ironing and is far more durable. All of these reasons make Bigfish Graphics shirts the best available in the country, which normally retail for $89.95.


Free Shipping:
Our Get Fishing tournament shirts are only $79.00 and incl free shipping.


Available in mens size S through 5XL.


Contact us if you have any questions.