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Effects of Barotrauma in Reef Fish

Here’s an interesting video released by the NT Government DPIF revealing the effects of Barotrauma in Golden Snapper (Fingermark).



To minimise our impact on reef fish stocks here’s a few tips from NT Fisheries that recreational anglers can employ when reef fishing in water deeper than 10 metres:


  • Once you have caught enough for your immediate needs or have reached your possession limit (whichever comes first) stop fishing or change locations and target species less susceptible to barotrauma (e.g. barramundi or trevally).
  • Keep the reef fish you catch and utilise them (within possession limits) as released fish are unlikely to survive.
  • Change locations if you keep catching juvenile or unwanted fish.
  • NT Fisheries recommends the use of large non-offset circle hooks (minimum 5/0) to prevent the capture of smaller fish.