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February Tournament Winners 2017

A massive thanks to everyone who competed in our February National, State and Kids Australian Fishing Tournaments and congratulations to everyone who won prizes!


There were some absolute beauties submitted with many new faces gracing the leaderboard at the end of the month which is always great to see. Over $15,000 in cash and prizes was awarded to the 51 winners and over $15,000 worth of gear is up for grabs again this month.


The tournaments wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors, so we ask that next time you’re buying new gear make sure it’s from one of the brands seen featured in the images below.




Here are the winners:


Garmin Lucky Members Draw: $649 STRIKER 7dv Winner – Alex Smith, Kullogum QLD


Australian National Tournament

Bass 50cm Zane Young Bigfish Graphics $300 voucher

Bream 41cm Tony Zintz Noeby Tackle $300 voucher

Cobia 125cm Dylan Kreus Eagle Claw/McCoy $300 prize pack

Emperor/Nannygai/Coral Trout 94cm Bruce Quinn Ecogear/Westin $300 prize pack

Garfish 45cm Brad Roach Evakool/IceMate $300 icebox/gelpacks

Golden Perch 58cm Nathan Sheppeard Garmin $429 STRIKER 5dv

Gummy Shark 117cm Ben Broomfield Life Cell $345 Trailer Boat Life Cell

Kingfish 106cm Nhadier Addala Lox $380 rod/brag mat

Luderick 41cm Hugh Johnston Mako Eyewear $300 prize pack

Mackerel/Wahoo 122cm David Wilson Daiwa $300 prize pack

Mulloway/Jewfish 124cm Mal Hancock Rhino Rack $320 prize pack

Murray Cod 92cm Adam Townsend Richter Lures $300 prize pack

Salmon/Tailor 73cm Gideon Mettam River2Sea $300 prize pack

Snapper 70cm Jakob Maciaszek STA-BIL Marine and 303 Protectants and Cleaners $356 prize pack

Squid 37cm Clayton House Yamashita $300 prize pack

Threadfin Salmon 82cm Steve Binney Wilson/Zerek $300 prize pack

Trevally 129cm Troy Nielsen Tackle HQ $300 prize pack

Kids National Tournament

Blue Swimmer Crab 17cm Jayden Mitchell Ecogear $50 prize pack

Bream 34cm Kevin Zhong Daiwa $160 Laguna reel/knob

Murray Cod 60cm Lachlan Buxton Get Fishing $50 cash

Ugliest Fish 80cm Benjamin Kemp Get Hooked $69.95 t-shirt hoodie

Wrasse 28cm Jack Mcleod Wilson & Zerek $50 prize pack

New South Wales State Tournament

Bream 42cm Dayne Taylor Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

Estuary Perch 43cm Glen Rollason Dinga Fishing $100 prize draw

Garfish 42cm Adam Hodges NSW Fishing Monthly Magazine 2 x subscriptions ($130 value)

Mangrove Jack 58cm Mal Hancock Fishing Tackle Shop $100 voucher

Mullet 47cm Mal Hancock Pro Lure Australia $100 prize pack

Northern Territory Tournament

Queensland State Tournament

Bream 35cm Steve Binney The Lure Pro $100 voucher

Flathead 82cm Steve Binney Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

South Australian State Tournament

Blue Swimmer Crab 19cm Scott Gaskell Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

Carp 72cm Daniel Boehm Fishing SA 2 x 1yr subscriptions

Golden/Silver Perch 38cm Daniel Boehm Seamaster Fishing Supplies $100 prize pack

Squid 32cm Mick McCallum Lower Murray Lure Fishing Club $100 prize pack

Tasmanian State Tournament

Flathead 66cm Shaun House The Lure Pro $100 voucher

Victorian State Tournament

Flathead 47cm Ben Broomfield Big Yella Time $100 prize pack

Murray Cod 59cm Sam Donaldson VIC Fishing Monthly 2 x subscriptions($130 value)

Snapper 27cm Ben Broomfield Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

Western Australian State Tournament

Baldchin Groper 60cm Peter Farmer Anglers Fishing World $100 voucher

Bream 37cm Eugene Brown Beyond Tools $100 voucher

King George Whiting 51cm Shane Parkey Getaway Outdoors $100 voucher

Kingfish/Cobia 106cm Nhadier Addala Compleat Angler Nedlands $100 voucher

Mulloway 108cm Nathan Ingate Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

Snapper 66cm Joel Chapman Jazz Charters $150 snapper charter

WA Dhufish 84cm Peter Farmer Western Angler 2yr subscription

If you still haven’t joined we invite you to get involved and start competing in this month’s tournaments. All tournaments run from the first til last day every month and you can start competing any day of the month.