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June Tournament Winners 2019


A massive thanks to everyone who competed in our June National, State and Kids Australian Fishing Tournaments and congratulations to everyone who won prizes!


There were some absolute beauties submitted with many new faces gracing the leaderboard at the end of the month which is always great to see. Over $15,000 in cash and prizes was awarded to the 51 winners and over $15,000 worth of gear is up for grabs again this month.


The tournaments wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors, so we ask that next time you’re buying new gear make sure it’s from one of the brands seen featured in the images below.




Here are the winners:


Garmin Lucky Members Draw: $649 STRIKER 7dv Winner – Matt Denny, Centennial Park WA


Fish4Cash Winner $280 Cash


Australian National Tournament

Barramundi 111cm Craige Floyd Lox $380 rod/brag mat

Bream 42cm Neil Perry Eagle Claw/Yo-Zuri $300 prize pack

Carp 45cm Sam Donaldson Fish4Cash Fish4Cash

Coral Trout 66cm James Roth Get Fishing $150 GF Shop Credit

Flathead (dusky) 89cm Kim Richter STA-BIL Marine and 303 Protectants and Cleaners $356 prize pack

Golden Perch 54cm Jack Weymouth-Smith Life Cell $345 Trailer Boat Life Cell

Mulloway/Jewfish 132cm Cameron O'Meally Garmin $429 STRIKER 5dv

Murray Cod 105cm Sam Donaldson Mako Eyewear $300 prize pack

Snook 85cm Nhadier Addala Fish4Cash Fish4Cash

Squid 34cm Anthony Kloczko Yamashita $300 prize pack

Whiting 37cm Kayne Blenkinsop Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

Kids National Tournament

Herring (Tommy Ruff) 18cm Archie Coote Get Fishing $50 GF Shop Credit

New South Wales State Tournament

Black Drummer 38cm Jeremy Abbott Get Fishing $50 GF Shop Credit

Redfin Perch 38cm Jack Weymouth-Smith Dinga Fishing $100 prize draw

Snapper 69cm Geoff Hancock Pro Lure Australia $100 prize pack

Squid 34cm Anthony Kloczko Fish4Cash Fish4Cash

Tailor 51cm Darren Hogan Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

Northern Territory Tournament

Queensland State Tournament

Bass 49cm Shaun Manthey Bosch Blue Power Tools $200+ power tool

South Australian State Tournament

Flathead 50cm Jamie Coote Get Fishing $20 GF T-Shirt

King George Whiting 50cm Adam Brooks Fishing SA 2 x 1yr subscriptions

Snapper 36cm Adam Brooks Get Fishing $50 GF Shop Credit

Tasmanian State Tournament

Victorian State Tournament

Carp 45cm Sam Donaldson Get Fishing $50 GF Shop Credit

Western Australian State Tournament

WA Dhufish 78cm Jason Hunt Beyond Tools $100 voucher

Intro Tournament

New South Wales StateBreamNathanCordery$25 Power Bank
New South Wales StateRedfin PerchRichardGear$20 GF T-Shirt
New South Wales StateTailorAdamLalor$30 GF Shop Credit
New South Wales StateTroutNathanCordery$20 GF T-Shirt
Queensland StateCobiaCraigeFloyd$20 GF T-Shirt
Queensland StateFlatheadOscarBoden$25 Power Bank
Queensland StateSooty GrunterCraigeFloyd$20 GF T-Shirt
Queensland StateTarponSimonBoden$30 GF Shop Credit
Queensland StateWhitingCraigeFloyd$20 GF T-Shirt
South Australian StateGolden/Silver PerchMickMccallum$25 Power Bank
South Australian StateKing George WhitingMickMccallum50% Off New Entry
South Australian StateSnapperStephenMeyers$20 GF T-Shirt
South Australian StateSquidMickMccallum$20 GF T-Shirt
South Australian StateWhitingMickMccallum$30 GF Shop Credit
Western Australian StateMullowayJasonHunt$20 GF T-Shirt
Western Australian StateRedfin PerchAshCampbell$25 Power Bank
Western Australian StateSalmonAshCampbell$20 GF T-Shirt
Western Australian StateSnapperAshCampbell$20 GF T-Shirt
Western Australian StateWA DhufishAshCampbell$30 GF Shop Credit

If you still haven’t joined we invite you to get involved and start competing in this month’s tournaments. All tournaments run from the first til last day every month and you can start competing any day of the month.