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Kids National Fishing Tournament – August 2016

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Below is a list of prizes and species for our August 2016 Kids National Fishing Tournament.

To view prizes for our Australian National, State and Kids fishing competitions, click here.

NOTE: some images may not depict the exact prize.



Bream (includes all bream species + tarwhine)

Sponsor: Get Hooked

Prize: $69.95 Get Hooked kids hooded long sleeve t-shirt hoodie



Carp (includes all species of carp)

Sponsor: Wilson & Zerek

Prize: $50 prize pack containing the following items:


1 x Sure Catch Trout Kit and 1 x Box of Octopus Hook size 4



Emperor/Nannygai/Coral Trout (includes all species of emperor, nannygai and coral trout)

Sponsor: Berkley

Prize: $72 prize pack containing the following items:


1 x Estuary Powerpack (30 PowerBait soft plastics with Jigheads to suit, Braid scissors & DVD) and 1 x Berkley Cap.



Flathead (includes all species of flathead)

Sponsor: Storm/Okuma

Prize: $50 prize pack

okuma and storm logo


Herring (Tommy Ruff))

Sponsor: Ecogear

Prize: $50 prize pack



Ugliest Fish (all species are eligible – not judged by length – the ugliest fish will be chosen by Get Fishing)

Sponsor: Get Fishing

Prize: $50 cash




Whiting (includes all species of whiting)

Sponsor: Daiwa

Prize: $160 prize pack containing the following items:


Daiwa 16 Laguna 2000 spin reel plus new Daiwa Custom Project EVA handle knob (small turquoise)



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