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Kids National – September 2015

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Below is a list of prizes and species for our September Kids National Fishing Tournament.

You may also like to compete in the Australian National Tournament and State Tournaments. Check out those pages too!

NOTE: some images may not depict the exact prize.



KIDS NATIONAL (15yrs and under)


Bream (includes all bream species + tarwhine)

Sponsor: Ecogear

Prize: $50 prize pack




Carp (includes all carp species)

Sponsor: Gamakatsu

Prize: $50 starter pack



Flathead (includes all flathead species)

Sponsor: Daiwa

Prize: $160 prize pack containing the following items:


1 x Revros DX 2000 size spin reel customised with the winners choice of white or red coloured SLP Works I-knob


Golden Perch

Sponsor: Shimano

Prize: $50 prize pack


Herring (aka Tommy Ruff)

Sponsor: Atomic

Prize: $50 starter pack





Mullet (includes all mullet species)

Sponsor: Storm/Okuma

Prize: $50 prize pack

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Snapper (Pagrus auratus)

Sponsor: Shads Lures

Prize: $50 prize pack

shads lures fishing tournament comp prize pack



Squid (includes all squid species)

Sponsor: Wilson

Prize: $50 prize pack




Trout (includes all freshwater trout species)

Sponsor: Jarvis Walker

Prize: $59.95 Jarvis Walker Intense Spin Reel




Whiting (includes all whiting species except king george whiting)

Sponsor: Berkley

Prize: $72 prize pack containing the following items:


1 x Estuary Powerpack (30 PowerBait soft plastics with Jigheads to suit, Braid scissors & DVD) and 1 x Berkley Cap.