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About Lox

Lox rods are an equal measure of science and art. LOX rods blend time honoured traditions of craftsmanship with unique carbon forming processes to reactive the link between angler and fish. Thier craftsmen produce rods that deliver actions and tapers that can transmit every nuance of the lines passage. With LOX, the cast, retrieve and fight become alive and dynamic. The LOX experience is uniquely powerful.


Lox belongs to the Angler who appreciates the indivisible collection of timeless moments that is the Angling experience. Anglers now can pay a third of the price to access rods that used to be over $1,000. Reconnect with your inner Angler… Hook-up with LOX!



lox fishing rods


Lox rods represent exceptional craftsmanship for perfectionist anglers. The team at Get Fishing settle for nothing short of the best and for this reason we are proud to have Lox as a sponsor. We encourage any of our members looking for increased sensitivity in a perfectly crafted rod to enquire at your local tackle store about Lox rods, you won’t be disappointed.


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