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GetterBack Rod Recovery System

  • getterback rod recovery system
  • getterback rod recovery system
  • getterback rod recovery system
  • getterback rod recovery system
  • getterback rod recovery system



The GetterBack is a new invention just released in Australia. In a nutshell it is a tiny device that brings your rod, GoPro, helicopter camera, etc back to the surface if you accidentally lose it in the water. Check out the video below to see the device in action.



The GetterBack installs in seconds with a non-destructive, high-grip Velcro™ strap. In just a few feet of water, a safe, eco-friendly reaction jettisons the high visibility recovery float to the surface. Grab the float and the attached high-strength braided line and pull your fishing rod back up. It’s that easy!


As the GetterBack descends below 5 feet water enters through a specially designed check valve and activates the non-toxic reactant.This reaction produces CO2 gas which builds pressure inside the GetterBack until it reaches 60 PSI at which point the float section is deployed. As the float section rises to the surface, it unwinds the Kevlar line. Once the bright yellow float reaches the surface it is easily spotted and retrieval of your lost rod is as simple as just pulling in the line.


We highly recommend this ingenious new product to people worried about losing their expensive gear overboard while fishing. And it’s not just yourself who you have to worry about losing your valuable gear it’s your children too. If you take the kids fishing and are worried about them dropping your rod overboard stress less by grabbing a few GetterBack’s and wrapping them onto your rods.


To find out more click here.

  • Weatherproof
  • Only 12grams
  • 10 lb Kevlar® line
  • Recover up to 100 feet
  • Quick spotting, bright float
  • Switch between rods easily
  • Activates in less than 10 feet
  • Available in Australia

Available at the GetterBack Australia website for $28.95 plus $4.95 shipping.

Where to buy

You can buy the GetterBack rod recovery system at the GetterBack Australia website.