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Hunt Tigers with Starlo – 2014 Book Now!

  • Hunt tigers with starlo africa 2014
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  • Hunt tigers with starlo africa 2014
  • Hunt tigers with starlo africa 2014
  • Hunt tigers with starlo africa 2014




When? 22 September – 5 October 2014


Would Your Fishing Improve If You Could Pick Starlo’s Brain Over Dinner?


These days, smart anglers consider themselves lucky to have access to Starlo’s encyclopedic knowledge through one-off questions on Facebook. Their more conservative or shy counterparts settle for taking what they can from his many articles, books and DVD segments. Regardless of how Starlo brings benefit to anglers’ efforts, the benefits are undeniable.


Imagine the value of actually fishing with the dude!


And imagine what the post-mortems over beers at the end of the day would reveal! Jo Starling, keen angler and wife of the big fella, reckons her fishing ability has skyrocketed since meeting Starlo.


“Steve’s knowledge and skill is immense. My fishing prowess has gone through the roof since I’ve been fishing by his side and it’s led me to some pretty awesome catches and memories. But perhaps the most important thing that I’ve learned is that you can have all the talent in the world, but it amounts to nothing without knowledge,” she says. “I don’t think there’s enough time left in my remaining decades to absorb a quarter of what that man knows!”


Here’s your chance to book that dinner seat with Starlo!


We’ve thrown down a gauntlet to Starlo: Can he pull an elusive tigerfish out of the mighty Zambezi River? Many are hooked, few make it to the boat. We want to know if he’s good enough. So, we’ve pitched an unparalleled fishing safari at the optimum time of year and he’s taken the bait!


Here’s the best bit… there are eighteen other spots available! This means that YOU could join what will undoubtedly be Starlo’s most memorable fishing trip and enjoy post-mortems and beers on not just one night, but many!


The 14 day itinerary includes chasing tigerfish—with possible by-catch of vundu (enormous Zambezi catfish), nembwe (hard fighting, good eating tilapia) and many other species—along with wild elephants, hippos, lions, helicopter jaunts over the spectacular Victoria Falls and elephant rides along the majestic river, to name just a few highlights.


Ten irresistible reasons why you should be one of the ten anglers to join Starlo and his family on this trip:


  1. Tick one of the world’s most challenging fish off your angling bucket list, even if it wasn’t on that list before today!
  2. Be there when Starlo pits all his years of knowledge and experience against this new foe.
  3. You can learn like a sponge by simply watching Starlo in action… imagine the value of fishing along side him as well, and then mulling over the day with a beer!
  4. Experience one of the world’ most astounding wildlife destinations at the same time as enjoying a totally wild fishing trip!
  5. Hone your tigerfishing skills with the insight and help of experienced African guides.
  6. Explore African wilderness with the confidence and security of being with a full-time host with many years of experience to help you safely through all transits, borders and check-ins.
  7. Gazump every bar-room fishing yarn forever more.
  8. Travel as part of a group for added security.
  9. Enjoy the significant benefits of group discounts.
  10. Potentially end up featuring in one of Starlo’s magazine articles!



Only $7999 per person*


What will you get for your $7999?


Aside from all the benefits already described, the size of the group enables substantial savings! In fact, to arrange this trip for yourself, you could expect to pay close to $9000.


However, think a little outside of the tackle box… with the Aussie dollar where it is, we get so much more bang for our buck outside of Oz. A four day fishing trip to chase our mighty barra, for example, will cost you $4-5K! Worth every penny too, it’s true, but this is FOURTEEN days, in AFRICA, with STARLO, chasing TIGERFISH! Not to mention riding elephants, spying lions, dodging hippos and soaking up the relaxed vibe of the place.


When you think about it, $7999 is outstanding value!


“It’s a bit of a cliché that there’s more to fishing than catching fish, but when you’re waking up to the sounds of an African dawn before casting your line into the mysterious green waters of the Zambezi, watched by hippos and elephants, I’d imagine there’s a lot of truth to the cliché!”

~ Steve Starling


Be quick… seats are strictly limited on this exclusive tour. First in is best dressed. To find out more, go to our expression of interest form or the Q&A forum. It’s obligation free until you commit, but if you’re keen… don’t wait too long!


* Package is based on USD fluctuation and is subject to change until paid in full.

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