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Live Forrage – Rippin Shad

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The LIVE-FORAGE® RIPPIN SHAD is a ReplicaSeries™ of lipless rattle lure that attract fish like a magnet! They are designed with a flat head for a tight wiggling ‘vibe’ action, and feature an internally weighted rattle chamber to emit the sonic vibrations of distressed baitfish – attracting fish from a greater distance.


Cast them and work the retrieve with lifts of your rod tip to impart the vibrating action, vertically jig them below a boat, or cast over shallow flats and shorelines.


Available weights, sizes & colours:

  • Length 38.1 mm  –  Weight 3.5 g    –  Price $ 9.95
  • Length 50.8 mm  –  Weight 10.6 g  –  Price $ 10.95
  • Length 63.5 mm  –  Weight 17.7 g  –  Price $ 11.95


Available Colours:

Silver Shiner, Gold Shiner, Glow Perch, Golden Perch, Sexy Shad, Crappie, Rainbow Trout & Blue Gill


See ‘Features’ tab for pricing.

Where to buy

Available at Kingston Lures