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Metal Chuck Dynamic Series Drill

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Bosch Blue is expanding its innovative brushless portfolio with the launch of the new Dynamic Series Drill Range – the GSR 18 V-EC Drill Driver and GSB 18 V-EC and Hammer Drill.


Featuring Bosch Blue’s advanced EC brushless motor technology, the new drills offer tradies longer runtime and increased efficiency on the jobsite. The brushless EC motor is also completely maintenance free and together with the Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) – which protects the tools against overload and excess heat – help to increase the lifetime of the tools.


The new German Engineered drills are also big on safety, offering a high level of user protection thanks to the Kick Back Control feature, which provides professionals with improved control if the tool gets jammed. The Kick Back Control is activated when and integrated sensor detects sudden tool blockages caused by foreign objects in metal, wood or brickwork and shuts down the motor within a fraction of a second. This prevents unexpected kickback of the tool and therefore, prevents user injury.


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In conjunction with the EMP and Kick Back Control featutre, two coloured LED indicators work to alert users when the tool stops: a white LED to show that the tool has a blockage and a red LED when the tool is overheating. This way, professionals are always kept informed of the condition of their tool.


Including a new precision clutch and controlled over-ratcheting system, the tools also minimise vibration, prevent loud noise caused by over-tightening, and cause less wear to the material and coupling. This, in turn, results in less wear-and-tear and a longer life for the tool and accessories. Both tools also come equipped with a robust 13mm solid metal chuck for secure clamping of drills and bits.



Where to buy

Available in kits at leading trade dealers from May 2016.