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Mikado Flying Fishunter

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Kingston Lures are proud to release an innovative spinning lure dedicated for fishing most fresh and salt water predators. The Flying Fishunter came from Team Mikado’s cooperation with Rolf Shwarzer, one of Germany’s most known fishing journalists and avid anglers- and in essence it is a combination of our legendary fishunter soft lure and a double twister tail. The main body of the lure has been modified with a hole to put through the twister wings, thus giving it an ultra-aggressive action that fish just can’t resist!





The twister tails and body can be matched in thousands of combinations, and each of the components can also be used by itself making the Flying Fishunter just about the most universal and complete lure on the market! Comes in twelve great colours and two sizes 105 & 130 mm


Wings sold separately and come in ten colours and four sizes 52, 57, 71 & 90 mm





Mikado Flying Fishhunters sell for just $4.95


  • 11.5cm 3 per pack for $4.95 
  • 10.5cm 5 per pack for $4.95 



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