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Murasame Rods – Designed in Japan

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Murasame fishing rods is a new brand introduced in Australia at the 2015 AFTA trade show by Viva Fishing. Murasame rods are designed in Japan for Australian conditions. They feature quality components and Fuji guides and come with rod wraps, cloth bag and a hard case.


There are 5 different rod types in the range including the Tournament Spin series weighing in at an incredibly light 68 grams. Other series in the range include the Seriola Series jigging rods, Australis Jigging rod, Jutjanis Series jigging rods and the Caranx Series of popping and stick baiting rods for the topwater fanatics.


Click through the images above to view the entire range and view the model specifications. For further information contact Viva Fishing on (02) 9723 1666 for a list of stockists.





Contact Viva Fishing on (02) 9723 1666 for pricing information.




Where to buy

Available at selected tackle stores – Contact Viva Fishing on (02) 9723 1666 for a list of stockists.