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Squidgies New Whip Baits

  • Squidgies Whip Bait 100mm
  • Squidgies Whip Bait drop bear 100mm
  • Squidgies Whip Bait pilly 100mm
  • Squidgies Whip Bait killer tomato 100mm
  • Squidgies Whip Bait white lightning 100mm
  • Squidgies Whip Bait Bloodworm 100mm
  • Squidgies Whip Bait Black and gold 100mm



The Squidgies Whip Bait is something of a “no brainer” when it comes to successful presentations. It swims like a demon and catches plenty of fish if simply rigged straight and true on a jig head, belted out and cranked back (or trolled) at a range of speeds from dead slow to flat out. However, Whip Baits work even better on most species if this straight retrieve is broken up with various stops and starts, lifts and drops and sweeps or stabs of the rod tip.


As its name implies, the Whip Bait is particularly well suited to an energetic “whipping” action, incorporating quite violent rips of the rod. However, at the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s also a real killer if crawled vertically or at an angle through deeply suspended schools of impoundment bass and the like, much in the style of Charlie Brewer’s original Slider — an evergreen favourite for such subtle, “do nothing” presentations.


Over more than a decade, the Squidgies brand has become synonymous with highly successful, user-friendly soft plastics designed by Australian fishermen for Australian fishermen. It seems likely that the new Bushy-designed Squidgies Whip Baits (available in both the Squidgies Pro range, with a free tube of S-Factor feeding stimulant, or in the standard Squidgies range without S-Factor) might well prove to be the most versatile, effective and popular tail in the Squidgies range so far… and that’s certainly saying something!


Models: Squidgies Pro Whip Baits (with S-Factor) and Squidgies Whip Baits


Style: Crossover shad/stick-style soft plastic swim bait (unrigged)


Sizes: 60, 80, 100, 125 and 150 mm in the Pro Range (with S-Factor), and those five sizes plus the big 200 mm in the standard Squidgies range.


Colours: Bloodworm, Killer Tomato, Drop Bear, White Lightning, Silver Fox, Black Gold, Gary Glitter and Pilly.


Suitable Jig Heads: Squidgies Weapon Heads, Finesse Darter Heads and Painted Fish Heads. Can also be rigged “weedless” on wide-gape worm hooks.


Target Species: Everything from trout to tuna!


Comments: A particularly versatile soft plastic well suited to a wide range of presentation strategies on all manner of fresh and saltwater target species, and an especially good choice for newcomers to this style of fishing, or those making the transition from hard-bodied lures to softies.


Approx. $9.95 per packet for the Pro Range (with S-Factor), and $7 to $10 for Squidgies standard range, depending upon size.

Where to buy

Squidgies New Whip Baits are available at all major fishing and camping stores that stock the Shimano and Squidgies ranges.