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Yamashita LIVE Search 490 Glow

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  • Yamashita-LIVE-Search-490-Glow-squid-jigs_SHALLOW-colours_651x360



New from E.J. Todd is the Yamashita LIVE Search 490 Glow Shallow & Deep squid jigs.


The popular LIVE Search 490 Glow series is now available in deep and shallow models in size 3.5. The Deep jigs sink at 1.8-2.2 seconds per meter which allows you to target squid in deeper water much more efficiently. They are also ideal when you have a fast drift or strong current.


The Shallow jigs sink at 5.5-6 seconds per meter yet maintain an excellent casting distance. The shallow jigs are ideal for use in shallow water or when the squid are very sensitive as the slower sink rate is often more appealing in these circumstances.


Yamashita’s R&D team have discovered that the best sound for squid to detect is 600Hz and the best light for the squids eye to detect is 490nm. The LIVE Search 490 Glow series are equipped with both, making them the most attractive jig for squid!!

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Available now at major tackle stores.