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Rob Paxevanos’ Australian Fishing Basics

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Popular host of Fishing Australia Rob Paxevanos outlines his top tips for the beginner (or developing) angler.


Like most things, the devil is in the detail when it comes to fishing. It’s all about choosing the right hook, line, bait and position. It’s about learning how to berley, polaroid, cast off and tie a knot that won’t untie.


For nearly two decades, Rob Paxevanos – star of WIN’s Fishing Australia – has been perfecting the fine detail, and showing others how to do the same. Australian Fishing Basics brings together years of expertise and the kind of knowledge needed to turn enthusiastic beginners into expert anglers. And it’s not just sweating the small stuff. Rob provides an overview of how to confidently go after Australia’s most popular catches, including flathead, golden perch, trout and barramundi.


Fully illustrated with hundreds of photographs, including step-by-step instructions for the fiddly techniques, Australian Fishing Basics is an exuberant and accessible guide to achieving fishing success everywhere and every time.




About the author:


Rob is the host of WIN Television’s Fishing Australia, a popular series broadcast around regional Australia and on Channel 9, the Imparja and the NBN networks.


He has over twenty years’ experience as an angler and is lucky enough to have fished extensively from the mountains to the sea and beyond.


Rob is a writer and consultant for leading Australian fishing magazines and a guest writer for overseas fishing, sporting and travel magazines. Additionally, he has a weekly column with the Rural Press network of newspapers in Australia.