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Bluestriped Snapper

( Lutjanus kasmira )

Other names

Four-lined Snapper, Moonlighter, Bluestripe Snapper, Blue-striped Snapper, Bluestripe Seaperch, Common Bluestripe Snapper , Bluestripe Seaperch, Blouband Snapper, Blue-banded Hussar, Blue-banded Sea Perch, Bluebanded Snapper, Blueline Snapper, Blue-lined Sea Perch



How to Catch
Fast Facts
  • Is a member of the family Lutjanidae (snappers)
  • Can grow to 40cm in length
  • Found in Australia’s tropical waters from QLD to WA
  • Frequents coral reef environments
  • Common in large schools
  • Carnivorous
  • Good eating