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Harlequin Fish

( Othos dentex )

Other names

Harlequin Cod, Tiger Cod, Harlequin Rock Cod, Chinese Lantern

How to Catch
Fast Facts
  • Is a member of the family¬†Serranidae (Cods, Groupers, Sea Basses)
  • Endemic to Australia’s temperate waters from WA to VIC
  • Live for over 40 years
  • Have not been found in VIC waters for some time
  • Often mistaken for Coral Trout (Plectropomus leopardus)
  • Have large canine teeth and distinguishing blue spots on the upper flanks and head and yellow/green blotches along it’s lower flanks
  • Frequents coastal reef environments
  • Often seen in caves by divers
  • Good eating