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Mahi Mahi

( Coryphaena hippurus )

Other names

Common Dolphinfish, Dolphin Fish, Dorado, Lesser Dolphin Fish, Dolphinfish


Fast Facts photo courtesy of Greg Weaver, Gold Coast QLD.

How to Catch
Fast Facts
  • Is a member of the family¬†Coryphaenidae (dolphinfishes)
  • Can grow to 2.1m in length and 40kg in weight
  • Pelagic, shoaling fish species that live near the surface, often found around FADs and floating debris
  • One of the fastest growing fish in the sea
  • Lives for around 4 years
  • Fast fish that often leap from the water during the fight
  • Will readily take trolled skirted and diving lures, live bait as well as pilchards and whole squid
  • Good eating