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Mangrove Jack

( Lutjanus argentimaculatus )

Other names

Jacks, Creek Red Bream, Dog Bream, Mangrove Red Snapper, Purple Sea Perch, Red Bream, Red Perch, Red Reef Bream, River Roman, Rock Barramundi


Fast Facts photo courtesy of David Fox, QLD. This fish was taken out wide at night off Double Island Point, QLD.

How to Catch
Fast Facts
  • Belong to the family Lutjanidae (snappers and seaperches)
  • Can grow to 120cm in length and about 15kg in weight
  • Lives for around 40 years
  • Found in Indo-West and Central Pacific waters. In Australia the are found in WA, NT, QLD and NSW
  • Begin life within estuarine environments and make their way to deeper offshore reefs as they age
  • Often found around structure
  • Hard fighting opponent renown for big bust-offs
  • Good eating