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Variegated Wrasse

( Coris batuensis )

Other names

Batu coris , Variegated Rainbowfish, Batu Rainbow-wrasse, Pallid Wrasse, Schroeder’s Coris, Schroeder’s Rainbow Wrasse, Yellow Wrasse


How to Catch
Fast Facts
  • Is a member of the family Labridae (wrasses)
  • Can grow to 17cm in length
  • Protogynous Sequential hermaphrodites. Like many of the wrasses, they begin life as female and change to male as they age
  • Has a distinguishing black spot/blotch on the dorsal fin and several dark vertical bands on the dorsal flanks
  • Frequents coral reefs and adjacent sandy/rubbly areas
  • Found in Australia’s tropical waters from NSW to WA
  • Occurs solitary or in small groups