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White Shark

( Carcharodon carcharias )

Other Names

Great White Shark, White Pointer, White Death, Jaws

How to Catch
Fast Facts
  • CAUTION: Extremely Dangerous. Has been known to attack humans
  • Is a member of the family¬†Lamnidae (makos, white, mackerel & porbeagle sharks)
  • Can grow to 6.4m in length and 3 tonnes in weight
  • Grey to bronze above, white below
  • Lives for over 30 years
  • Teeth are triangular and serrated
  • Found in Australia’s temperate and subtropical waters from WA to QLD
  • Frequents continental shelf and coastal waters
  • Was the star in the movie Jaws
  • Protected in all Australian waters
  • Vulnerable
  • Generally solitary