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Victorian State Fishing Tournament – November 2017



Below is a list of prizes and species for our November 2017 Victorian State Fishing Tournament.

To view prizes for our Australian National, State and Kids fishing competitions, click here.

NOTE: some images may not depict the exact prize.




Golden Perch

Sponsor: Big Yella Time

Prize: $100 prize pack consisting of new lures from Harima and Aquawave





Gummy Shark (includes both gummy and school shark species)

Sponsor: Bosch Blue Power Tools

Prize: >$200 Bosch Blue power tool selected at random

bosch blue power tools state fishing tournament prize australia




Snapper (pagrus auratus)

Sponsor: Get Fishing

Prize: $100 Prize Pack – Get Fishing 1.5m Brag Mat & Hard Korr Headlampget-fishing-bragmat-headlamp-prize