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Western Australian Fishing Tournament – December 2015



Below is a list of prizes and species for our December Western Australian State Fishing Tournament.

You may also like to compete in the Australian National and Kids Tournaments, click here to view.

NOTE: some images may not depict the exact prize.



Sponsor: Western Angler

Prize: 2-year Western Angler magazine subscription + $10 Get Fishing voucher ($100 value)




Bream (includes all bream species + tarwhine)

Sponsor: Compleat Angler Nedlands

Prize: $100 voucher at Compleat Angler Nedlands




Flathead (includes all flathead species)

Sponsor: Beyond Tools

Prize: $100 gift voucher at Beyond Tools Malaga

beyond tools malaga wa fishing tournament gift voucher prize




Sponsor: Saltwater Charters

Prize: 50% off voucher aboard ‘Interceptor‘ to the value of $125



King George Whiting

Sponsor: Jigging Sports Australia

Prize: $100 prize pack of Jigging Sports assists




Lobster (Category is also open to divers. Includes western rock lobster only – measure with tape measure only – refer to rules page)

Sponsor: RnR WA Style

Prize: $200 gift card to spend at 4 stores of your choice on the RnR WA Style App

rnr wa style app banner



Mackerel (includes all mackerel species)

Sponsor: WA Bait Supply

Prize: $100 voucher at WA Bait Supply O’Connor




Sponsor: Bosch Blue Power Tools

Prize: >$100 Bosch Blue power tool selected at random

bosch blue power tools state fishing tournament prize australia



Redfin Perch

Sponsor: Getaway Outdoors

Prize: $100 Getaway Outdoors voucher




Samsonfish/Amberjack (includes samsonfish and amberjack)

Sponsor: Tackle HQ

Prize: $100 voucher at Tackle HQ Kingsley




Threadfin Salmon (includes both king and blue threadfin species)

Sponsor: Get Hooked

Prize: $100 voucher at the Get Hooked Online Store




Tuna (includes all tuna species)

Sponsor: LOCO Lures

Prize: $100 prize pack. See www.locolures.com.au for the entire range

LOCO lures australia logo web banner




Sponsor: Bluewater Tackle

Prize: $100 voucher at Bluewater Tackle World Scarborough