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About Yamashita

Yamashita squid jigs are arguably the most advanced jigs available on the Australian market. They are ideal for the squid angler wanting the absolute best of the best. They are premium  jigs for the serious squid angler who values their time, why use an inferior jig and waste time catching less squid.


Yamashita squid jigs excel in tough conditions due to their industry-leading features. If you haven’t already done so grab a few at your local tackle store and see for yourself why Yamashita are the industry leaders.





The team at Get Fishing understand that when it comes to fishing gear there is no settling for second best. We use the best gear to maximise our chances on the water and to get maximum lifespan out of the products we buy. We personally use Yamashita squid jigs and are proud to have them as a sponsor of our Online Fishing Tournaments.


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