Australian Herring Chris 30.0cm Wilson$300 prize pack
Barramundi Justin Locher 108.0cm Rovex/Quantum$300 prize pack
Bass braith young 42.0cm 13 Fishing/Salmo$300 prize pack
Bream SM_SAangler 47.0cm Ecogear/Marukyu$300 prize pack
Flathead Starlo 68.0cm Mako Eyewear$330 prize pack
Giant Trevally Fezmond 96.0cm Tackle HQ$300 voucher
Golden Perch tim mutimer 56.0cm EvaKool$309 47L Icebox
King George Whiting fawcett_77 53.0cm Eagle Claw/McCoy$300 prize pack
Kingfish Swarto 96.0cm Fin-Nor/Gary Howard$300 prize pack
Mackerel jamie 138.0cm Nitro Rods$329 Viper rod
Mangrove Jack - - -Silstar$300 prize pack
Mulloway Aron 70.0cm Lowrance$449 Elite-4 HDI
Murray Cod tim mutimer 81.0cm Lox Rods$309 Iridium rod
Red Emperor Nelson Jeffs 56.0cm Shimano$307 prize pack
Snapper mick 93.0cm Rovex/Quantum$300 prize pack
Squid Chris 35.0cm Yamashita$300 jig pack
Tailor Aron 70.0cm Okuma$300 prize pack
Trout Murray 64.0cm Damiki/Pontoon 21$300 prize pack
WA Dhufish jonya 91.0cm Gamakastu$300 prize pack
Whiting knobgutz 37.0cm Okuma$300 prize pack
Ugliest Fish Aron 104.0cm Get Fishing$50 Cash
Mystery Length 1 braith young 63.0cm Get Fishing$50 Cash
Mystery Length 2 braith young 84.0cm Get Fishing$50 Cash
Mystery Length 3 Brodie 122.0cm Get Fishing$50 Cash

  • Effects of Barotrauma in Reef Fish
  • Making Waves in the Press
  • Fisherman’s Spy Cam – Psycho Stingray
  • Feeding Bluefin Tuna
  • Fillet Flathead
  • Catch Beach Worms
  • Uni Knot Variation
  • Running Sinker Rig
  • Diving for JUMBO crays
  • Big fish, light gear
  • Squid & Dolphins
  • Friday arvo fun
  • Catch Crays Like A Pro
  • Spider Hitch
  • Bristol Knot
  • Double Clinch Knot
  • Clinch Knot
  • Improved Albright Knot
  • Fillet Australian Herring
  • Twisted Dropper Loop
  • Hook Removal With Starlo
  • Fillet Spanish Mackerel
  • Remove Mulloway Otoliths (Jewie Jewels)
  • Fillet Mulloway
  • Fillet Snapper
  • Paternoster Rig Variations
  • Snell Knot – Up Eye Hook
  • Snell Knot – Straight Eye Hook
  • Fish N Fool Knot
  • Dropper Loop
  • Slim Beauty Knot
  • Uni Knot
  • GT Knot
  • Lefty’s Loop
  • Double Uni Knot
  • Beach Fishing Rigs
  • Bimini Twist
  • Double Loop Clinch Knot aka Trilene Knot
  • Adjustable Snell Knot
  • Albright Knot