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52 Of Our Best Fishing Tips

Here are 52 of Our Best Fishing Tips to make this year your best fishing year yet:


1. Learn from those that get results, and don’t listen to those that talk too much. It’s not what comes out of one’s mouth that matters, it’s what’s connected to their line!
2. Work on your patience and believe in your ability. This is important.
3. Take at least 2 fishing trips away per year. Book these in first before the year starts, otherwise you won’t take the breaks.
4. Become obsessed about fishing. Casual anglers should not expect results.
5. Don’t overcrowd other fishos. Give them space to swing a cat. If they are in your spot, go and say g’day then fish somewhere else.

6. Learn how to gaff and net fish correctly. Practice in a pool, dam or down the local wharf if you have to. This is something every angler needs to learn and it becomes increasingly important when targeting trophy fish, fishing competitions, etc. Your ability to gaff and net fish won’t go unnoticed by your mates either!
7. Think thoughts of success rather than self-doubt. A B-grade mindset yields B-grade results.
8. If your line cops a nick or fray, retie it straight away.
9. Never rely on a knot tied by someone else. If a mate hands you a rod to use, retie the knots.
10. Watch more fishing videos to get inspired.
11. Decide on at least 3 new PB’s that you want to achieve this year then target those fish.
12. Be selective about who you fish with, this matters.
13. Release the fish you don’t need. Release them correctly and with care.
14. Service your reels regularly. You’ll get extra mileage and they won’t let you down when it’s crunch time.
15. Own your own gear. Borrowing once-off is ok but perennial borrowing is cheap.
16. Don’t let outdated or cheap gear be your Achilles Heal. Only use quality gear by respected manufacturers. A $1K combo for bream won’t catch you more fish, but a $50 special will let you down eventually.
17. Carry a healthy supply of quality terminal tackle in all different sizes. It’s better to have too much than not enough.
18. Always carry a variety of gear, tackle and lures. Things can change quickly on the water and it’s those that adapt that get the results.
19. Use quality terminal tackle and don’t let price influence your purchase. It’s better to have less of quality gear than too much cheap gear. Go through your tackle box and throw away any cheap or rusty tackle, now. If your tackle box has rust stains, throw it away, now.
20. Upgrade the trebles on your lures. Replace any rusty/blunt trebles.
21. Make the most of every session – bring your “A” game to the water every time.
22. Fish new places/ground more regularly.
23. Accuracy matters. Take the time to improve the accuracy of your casting.
24. Distance often matters. Fish the lightest practically possible braid line when spinning. Ensure your spool is full (not over full). Use a longer rod. Use a heavier sinker. When spinning with metals choose those that are heavy for their size. Present streamline baits in the surf (rip the tail off pilchards if you have to). Learn a better leader joining knot.

25. When you lose a fish, immediately determine what went wrong and make the appropriate changes so that it doesn’t happen again.
26. Take a camera with you. Share your pics with mates and look through them when the weather is lousy, this will help you and them get amped for the next session.
27. Look after your gear. Wash your rods and reels after every session.
28. Carry you own knife. Keep it sharp.
29. Value your time on the water. Be grateful for the abundance of fish in our waterways and the lifestyle that fishing brings.
30. Keep your fish cool/on ice. If it’s worth killing it’s worth looking after. If it’s worth feeding to your family it’s worth feeding them the best.
31. Take your rubbish home with you. If you come across others’ rubbish take it home too.
32. Spend some time underwater. It’s amazing how your fishing will improve when you learn how different species behave, especially when feeding. Witnessing the finicky behavior of snapper feeding in shallow water is a prime example.
33. If you fish on a mates’ boat, flick them some cash for fuel and it’s won’t be the last time you fish together.
34. When using lures/fly, vary the action of your retrieve until you find what’s working. Change your lure/fly regularly until you find what’s working.
35. When using bait, ensure that it is well presented each cast and be sure to expose the point of the hook. A little effort here goes a long way.
36. Match the hatch. Present offerings the same as what the fish are eating.
37. If possible, plan ahead and pick the prime times of the week to fish. Keep an eye out for tide changes, tide height, moon phases, wind, swell, etc. Continuously fishing lousy conditions will make you depressed.
38. If your knot breaks while fighting a fish, accept the fact that you didn’t tie it right or that you need to learn a new knot. No questions asked.
39. Fish with stealth. Make less noise. Get in the zone and think like the fish you are targeting.

40. Justify each spot you fish by using all of your knowledge. Don’t just pull up aimlessly and expect to catch fish. Look for structure. Look for visual signs of fish. Look for bait. Look for birds working. Look for holes or gutters on a surf beach. On a calm beach, look for areas of interest like a rock outcrop or breaking waves. Think actively not lazily.
41. Berley may help depending on the scenario. Putting more effort into your berley making and method of dispersal will increase your success.
42. When connected to a solid fish stay calm during the fight. Keep your cool and play the fish firmly, taking every opportunity to turn the fish’s head and gain the upper hand in the battle. Never rush a fish but at the same time don’t be blasé. Take your time when landing the fish, it’s amazing how many good fish are lost at your toes.
43. Set your alarm 1 hour earlier or fish 1 hour later to make the most of prime times. Boat fishos know that this is not just about the fishing, it’s also about avoiding queues at the ramp.
44. Learn to catch your own bait and keep it alive. When it comes to bait fresh is best, but alive is better.
45. Change your bait/soft plastics regularly. If it’s been picked, waterlogged or lost it’s shape throw it away and put on a fresh one.
46. Challenge yourself to fish lighter. For example, chasing snapper with TLD 25’s is old-school – you get the drift?
47. Get your bait/lure in the zone and keep it there. Once it is out of the zone wind in and cast again.
48. Wear suitable clothing. On the rocks this means footwear, in the heat this means covering up. Buy a set of Polaroid sunglasses. Getting skin cancer is not cool and it will limit your days fishing on this fine planet.
49. Get to know the staff at the local tackle store. They always have a finger on the pulse and the better they know you the more they will divulge.
50. Keep up to date with bag and size limits.
51. Be humble, you’re not as good as you think you are and it will encourage you to learn more.
52. Read more, watch more, listen more. Education comes in many forms but practice makes perfect. Get Fishing.


All the best for a memorable 2014 from GetFishing.com.au!


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