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Hand-feeding Bluefin Tuna

Watch on in HD as we head to Port Lincoln in South Australia on a private tour of the famous ‘Swim with the Tuna’ platform. In this rare opportunity we had the entire platform to ourselves, guided by local fishing die hard Jason Stephenson and his son Axel.

As we donned the mask and snorkel and dived in we were greeted by hundreds of hungry underwater torpedoes – Southern Bluefin Tuna in the order of 60kg+!! The Tuna would literally swim up to your face and between your legs as they frenzy over pilchards being fed from above. We were even able to hand feed the beasts.


Also at this same ocean platform, but not shown in this video, is a a separate cage where you can dive with large knobby Snapper, 20kg Mulloway, Queen Snapper and more. If you ever get the opportunity we highly recommend this experience, and suggest you book yourself a night or two in the award winning Port Lincoln YHA Backpackers – this place has to be seen to be believed.


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