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Fish of the SS Yongala Ship Wreck

The SS Yongala passenger ship sank during a cyclone on 23rd March 1911 en route from Melbourne to Cairns. All 122 passengers on board were killed, their bodies were never found. The wreck’s location remained a mystery for 47 years until a minesweeper vessel found it in 1958. The 110m wreck is situated 48 miles south-east of Townsville, a good 3hr boat on a good day.


Today the wreck dive site is a marine park and tourist attraction, rated the second best dive in the world. On 25th June 2014 we dived the wreck twice with Townsville’s Adrenalin Dive and captured the dives with a GoPro Hero 2.


^^ Watch in HD for clearer viewing!

Species highlighted in this video include giant trevally, coral trout, sea snakes, crimson snapper (small-mouth nannygai), red emperor, blackspot tuskfish, moray eels, chinamanfish, estuary cod, sixband angelfish, humphead maori wrasse, coral rockcod, roundface batfish, mangrove jack, turrum (gold-spotted trevally), blotched fantail rays, brown sweetlips, beaked eagle rays, bluespine unicornfish, great barracuda, java rabbitfish, and darktail snapper.


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