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Underwater Spy Cam – WA Dhufish

Ever wondered what’s happening on the bottom at your favourite fishing spot?


Well we found out what was going on at ours when we deployed a baited video camera ‘spy cam’ to the bottom and were blown away by what actually happened and the fish that were present. Watch on and witness the ‘undisturbed’ nature of key target species as they go about their business and react to a foreign object in their patch of reef.

What this footage revealed was somewhat of a surprise. While we knew the substrate was reef, we actually had no idea what the terrain physically looked like and exactly what species were hanging around. One of the most interesting aspects to take from this footage is the behavior of the different species as well as how they interact/co-exist with one another. Any Australian angler, particularly West Australian’s, could learn from what is seen in this video and use what they learn to improve the way they fish.


The patch of reef where we dropped the camera is about 25km from the Mindarie Boat Ramp, north of Perth WA. On the sounder it doesn’t look like much but there’s nearly always fish there. The conditions were very calm, the visibility was great and the depth was 45m. We fished around the camera for a few hours catching numerous WA Dhufish to about 6kg and other assorted reef species.

Species featured in this video include WA Dhufish, Breaksea Cod, Baldchin Groper, Snapper, Foxfish, Silver Trevally, Goatfish, Banded Sweep, Painted Sweetlip, Wrasse, Wobbegong Shark, Port Jackson Shark, Smooth Stingray and more. Surprisingly, on one of the drops we did (not featured here) there was even a pair of inquisitive Red Throat Emperor that came in for a look.


This 11.5kg WA Dhufish was caught at the same mark:



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