How Get Fishing Works

A guide to the site At Get Fishing you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for; whether it be learning how to target a particular species, to learning how to tie that new knot, chatting to locals in the forums, searching for businesses in the directory, or scoring a bargain on some fresh new gear that you’ve been wanting for ages. If you’re not sure how to use the site or just wanting to make the most of your experience, see the headings below for the lowdown on some of the major components of the site. Deals / Travel Deals: At Get Fishing we understand that not everyone has the money to buy all the quality gear, go on that charter, or go on that fishing trip that they’ve been dreaming about for too long. Believe us, we’ve been there and it hurts. So for all of you who find this too familiar, we’ve created something amazing, and welcome you to the Get Fishing Deals and Travel Deals sections of the website. Here we have found a way to offer you the largest possible discounts on fishing-related tackle, services and fishing trips that will simply blow your mind. Our Deals and Travel Deals give you the opportunity to buy the things that you deserve. The Deals and Travel Deals pages differ slightly in the following way: Deals is all about heavily discounted products and services that you can buy via our secure checkout system and use your printed voucher to redeem from the associated vendor. Travel Deals is similar to Deals in that it has the same layout and heavily discounted prices. Instead of paying for them here, all you have to do is use the information provided and contact the company direct, mention the Get Fishing deal, and the vendor will apply the discount to your booking. You also might be lucky enough to be online when the Random Deal kicks in. The random Deal is a bit of fun and appears at a randomly selected time – NOTE: it’s usually an insane deal and only runs for six hours, or less if the maximum number of deals get sold. Get Fishing Directory: The Get Fishing Directory is the business directory you have been waiting for. It was created to save you time and is the most modern, user-friendly fishing-related business directory in Australia. Whether you’re travelling or simply browsing for local businesses in your area, you’ll find what you need in here; from tackle stores to fishing charters, boat servicing, 4×4 stores and more. By clicking on a business, you’ll have access to all the info you need plus links to their website, sharing capabilities via Facebook and Twitter, plus heaps of pics and a big map showing you where to find them. Buy and sell: The buy and sell section was designed for user-friendliness. It’s an area for members to post ads of pre-loved gear that someone else might be looking for. Whether you’re searching or selling we’ve made life easy for you. There’s a handy search filter on the left to help narrow down your search, as well as nice big pics next to each listing. Submitting an ad is easy, and all your ads can be easily managed through your user profile. You can upload up to three images per ad. And just a friendly reminder to all business owners that there is to be no commercial advertising in this space, and any attempt to do so should be reported to admin. Forums: The Get Fishing forums are a pretty cool place to hang out and get your fishing fix when you’re not on the water. They’re full of switched on fishos and are a fun, mature and informative place where you’ll have the freedom to learn and ask whatever questions you like. Our forums are community orientated, positive and extremely supportive and to the ladies and kids out there we encourage you to have your say too. At Get Fishing we monitor our forums around the clock, and if we find that a user is causing a nuisance they will be banished immediately, no questions asked. If you would like to make contact with another member, simply click on their username or profile image and you will be taken directly to their homepage. Here you can view their profile, follow their site activity, and if you wish, send them a personal message. Watch This Space The site is still new and there’s still heaps more to come. In the next few months we’ll be rolling out some pretty advanced tools that are unique to Get Fishing. No one else in Australia, possibly the world, is doing what we plan to do here. Unfortunately we can’t let the cat out of the bag so stay tuned, enjoy what we already have to offer, and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to better your Get Fishing experience. Click here to contact us. Our Vision We believe that on any given day the average angler should be able to go fishing anywhere in Australia, catch a few fish, and if required bring home a feed for their family. Sadly, this isn’t the reality we see today due to declined fish stocks from overfishing and other environmental factors. With catching more fish comes the responsibility of letting more fish go, and doing so in a way that causes least harm. Treat the fish you keep and the fish you let go with the respect they deserve. Here’s a few things everyone can do to ensure they are contributing to a better future of fishing in Australia: • Fish responsibly. If you’re having a decent session restrict yourself from taking too many. Stick to the bag limits or less. Take what you need for a few feeds and release the rest. • Have your own philosophies. One thing that many anglers are doing these days is bettering the fisheries bag and size limits by setting their own standards. Take less fish than you are allowed, increase the minimum size limits, and let the bigger fish go. For example, if you are allowed to take 10 bream per person with a minimum size of 25cm, consider setting your own limit at 5 bream per person at a minimum of 30cm. Considering Bream are slow growing, you may wish to take a photo and release the bigger fish, say greater than 38cm? • Clean up after yourself. Whenever you’ve finished fishing spend 2 minutes looking around and pick up any rubbish in the area, whether it’s yours or not. This will ensure the spot is kept clean for the next person who comes by and will ensure no harmful rubbish enters the waterway. Thankfully, Australian anglers are very positive towards making a difference. Personalities in the fishing community as well as fisheries departments are already onto the job, and have made an impact on the way we think towards our catch and the future of the sport. In many places around the country we are seeing a marked improvement in the quality of fishing, but in other places we see the opposite. Get Fishing will strive to improve the quality of fishing in Australia through awareness and education, teaching anglers their responsibility of only taking what they need for a feed and respecting the environment where they fish. Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy our site!