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Hook Removal With Starlo



In this video, Australian fishing legend Steve Starling and wife Jo demonstrate how to extract a hook from your body with minimal equipment and fuss. Using nothing but a short length of mono, Steve calmly but surely talks through the process while he’s performing the removal.

Starlo ended up with this treble in his thumb while fishing for estuary perch in the Clyde River on the NSW south coast. Often when this sort of thing happens you’re nowhere close to a hospital, and more importantly, you want the hook out quickly so that you can continue to fish. Sure enough, Starlo got the job done and he and Jo continued to pull fish from the snags that morning.


Step 1: Remove anything that is attached to the hook/treble, whether it be a lure, leader line, etc.


Step 2: Create a Surgeon’s Loop in a short length of fishing line.


Step 3: Pass the loop around the shank of the hook.


Step 4: Importantly, push down on the eye of the hook.


Step 5: Wear protective eyewear during this step to protect your eyes. In one quick motion pull on the Surgeon’s Loop away from the hook. The fast motion along with the downward pressure on the eye of the hook will remove the hook quickly and relatively painlessly. (It’s best to get someone else to do this part)


Step 6: Clean up the wound and Get Fishing!


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