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Remove Mulloway Otoliths (Jewie Jewels)



This short video shows how to remove the otoliths (jewels) from a mulloway (jewfish). It explains the process step-by-step, including where to cut and how to lever off the base of the skull, to reveal the otoliths sitting there in all their glory with easy access for removal.

The same easy process applies when dealing with larger mulloway specimens as well as different species.


Step 1: Gut and fillet the fish prior to extraction.


Step 2: Cut the wings off – set them aside for frying or making fish stock.


Step 3: Grab yourself a set of sturdy side cutters.


Step 4: On the underside of the head cut through the end of the bone at posterior of the skull and in the same motion lever the base of the skull to reveal the otoliths sitting inside the cavity.


Step 5: Carefully remove the otoliths with a set of forceps.


Step 6: Remove the clear membrane.


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