Catch an eFish™

eFish is a fun addition to the tournaments where competitors may have go at catching a fish without even leaving home.  Just answer a simple quiz question and you have a chance to take the lead for that species and win a prize at the end of the month!

Who can eFish?

All Major Tournament members (and Intro Members) may have 5 free eFish attempts per month.  If you would like to eFish every day, just cancel and re-purchase your subscription making sure that you select one with “+ eFish” option.

How to eFish?

You simply go to the https://getfishing.com.au home page and scroll down and select your State:


scroll down to Intro Tournament, then select eFish button near the species/prize you want to win:

[…don’t worry, Major Tournament members may eFish in the Intro Tournament!  Doing our bit to keep the Intro guys on their toes…]


If you are not yet logged in, enter your username and password, and select Login:


answer the simple Quiz question, and optionally upload a Selfie for the leaderboard:


checkout the result:


If you don’t win today, simply try again tomorrow:



become a member today!